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Basic Idea


Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it,earns it...

he who doesn't ...pays it.”_ Albert Einstein. 


Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment vehicle offered to investors, allowing them to invest using small amount periodically (usually monthly),to create Wealth...  

Benefit's for you

This secret tool is known as SIP(systematic investment plan).


From 1963 on-wards this truth is there in India and it was started by UTI (Unit Trust of India).


Few benefits are given below


Also, given video will give a better idea how this works for your dream.

*With a Small amount (Rs.1000) you can start.

*Simple and disciplined approach towards investment

*Using the magic power of rupee cost "Averaging" and "Compounding", we help our client's to create wealth,while maintaining safety and liquidity.

*Timing the market is not necessary.

*Any long term financial goal, such as Car,House,Marriage,Children schooling & their Higher studies,Pleasure    trips,Retirement,Wealth creation etc can be aligned with SIP.

*SIP's are done in open-ended funds where the investors can invest and take out the money anytime.There is no fixed tenor or amount for running SIP. Once the SIP tenor or amount is fixed, it can stopped in between or could be continued even after   the tenor by placing a simple request.

*The money starts getting the return from the first day.

*Tax calculation under new LTCGT 

*Help of a professional Fund manager. 

*You can choose any dates on a month as your investment date.  

*Hassle free procedures & documentations 

*Participating in a Big capital ie Rs.21 Trillion / Rs. 21 Lakh Crore  / Rs.210,000,000,000,00).*as on March 2018.

What we DO for you

*Get the best Advice for you, tell us about yourself and we will recommend the most suitable SIP, which will make you wealthy.


*Track your Portfolio at your convenience on web or on mobile.

*Walk away with all the information on our services & products,we help to plan & assure your success.

*All our clients enjoy our strong relationship, built on the professional and transparent counsel, irrespective of the size of  their  portfolio.

*Successful people can be charitable through us.

Because Wealth is Good 


Being wealthy is awesome...

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