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Protecting & Creating WEALTH...(Option A)

Benefits - a) Monthly Pension.  b) Monthly Interest. c) Monthly Income.

This option is suitable for those who want a Monthly Income from their investment - (like bank FD) & Growth on their Capital - (which is not possible with FD.)

Refer below given example -the one-time investment of Rs.25Lac gives a monthly payout of Rs.20,000, while the capital is appreciating.


Please refer to the BOLDEST figure on the excel sheet to find the current valuation of that initial investment of Rs.25Lac as of 1st January 2023

swp from 1995.png

Protecting & Creating my WEALTH...(Option B)

Invest like FD and Create Wealth.


In this example, a one-time investment of Rs.10Lac is appreciated to Rs.20Lac within 5+ years, to Rs.31Lac within 10+ years, to Rs.82Lac within 15+ years, to Rs.6Cr within 20+ years, to Rs.11Cr within 25+ years & to Rs.21Cr in 27 years.


Please refer to the below-given details and find how other assets classes performed during the same years.

other assest investment.png

Because Wealth is Good 


Being wealthy is awesome...

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